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I love it and wore it to work right away

I LOVE this face mask! I wear it on every bike ride during the fall/early spring 🥰🥰 People are always taking pics of us from their cars while we’re on the road 😂

This thing got me so many compliments! It keeps my face warm, is totally breathable, and looks bad a$$! Seller is super fast and friendly, I totally recommend!!!

I will be getting more like this one. They fit great and are very comfortable

I honestly thought this wasn't going to look the same as it is in the picture or even yet of good quality. Turns out, I love these thing! Even took a picture of it. Its a little big but I worked my way around it.

Wow! These masks are perfect for every occasion. They are comfortable, lightweight, and more forgiving behind my ears that other masks I’ve recently tried. The over the ear design is much more flexible and easier to use than models that need to be tied at top and bottom. Once again Fruit of the Loom delights with quality, value and as always, exceeds expectations! Outstanding product!!

I really like these compared to various others I’ve tried. These are easier to breath in. The fit around the ears is stretchable and far more comfortable than the fixed size.

I really enjoy wearing this mask. It really throws people off when they see people

Sit On My Cloth Face Mask
Mariluz Chaparro

Perfect fit and very breathable. The strings aren’t too tight and don’t tug my ears. The mask fits snug and is very breathable

The mask started out fine. Allows you to breathe and seemed good quality but about the 5th time I put it on the metal nose piece cut my nose. So buyer beware the metal piece is like razor sharp and can cut your face.

Excellent product. Fits both male and female face. Masks are easy to breathe through.

I received my order the next day. Thanks for making great fitting masks for a great price!

Bape Cloth Face Mask
Value Shopper

The masks fit well. It's easy to breath out and in. I don't have steam on my glasses. It covers my face very weel and covers under my chin. I like the replaceable filters.

The masks fit very well for my family and myself. Nose clip/wire works well and keeps the steam out of my glasses. I particularly like how the mask covers my chin also.

Great quality, fit and value. You can actually breath when you wear it.

Bape Cloth Face Mask
Shlomi birenbaom

Best mask yet!!! Super lightwieght and comfortable....

This is very good. You can actually breath when you wear it.

The mask is very comfortable and lightweight. I am a teacher so it is important to have a mask for all day wear that is comfortable.

Super soft. Comfortable. Love them. Would recommend.

Dont exactly like wearing a mask at all but since the pandemic and its ordered for us all to wear them i would prefer it be this lightweight breathable mask

Uniqlo Cloth Face Mask
Lost in Vegas

These masks are attractive, comfortable, and durable. For me at least, the non-adjustable ear bands gave me just the right balance between comfort and fit. It stays in place but does not tug on or hurt my ears.

Uniqlo Cloth Face Mask
Michael W Kohler

I really like the masks. I like the material used comfortable and fit well!

I have purchased at least a dozen reusable face masks. These are by far my favorite.

Super soft. Comfortable. Love them. Would recommend.

The material is great. I love the various color options.
The shape of the mask is perfect.